Flag Day


Today is Flag Day, June 14. Not much of an official holiday but still, our flag has meaning and significance as a symbol of freedom. The customer who gave me a story this week stopped by Corner Stalk Farm and chatted with me for a while. He was an older gentleman and was wearing a cap stating "Veterans for Peace."

He asked me lots of questions about my farm. We exchanged pleasantries. And as he was about to leave I told him I liked his hat. He slowly pointed to it, and quietly commented, "Too many wars, too many wars." He didn't buy anything, but he did leave me a deep sense of peace. It was worth much more than a purchase of a package of lettuce.

Given that today is Flag Day and thinking about the recent acts of hate in Orlando against the LGBT community, it's appropriate to think about how our actions reflect peace. I'm thankful this man stopped by my shop to share with me a bit of his story-even if for just a moment-leaving behind a message of peace.