It's a fun place to be

So, I was telling you what I truly enjoy is meeting the people at the Boston Public Market. Interacting with Corner Stalk Farm customers and other BPM vendors makes for fascinating conversation. I love learning about where they live, their travels, food interests, families, careers, and dreams.

Here are a few of the people I spoke with just this week:

~The American couple living in northern India who both teach at an international school.

~The handsome man from the North End who reminds me of my brother.

~The woman from North Carolina staying with her friend while she begins her cancer treatment at Mass. General.

~The delivery guy who brings products to another vendor and really is an amazing artist. Check out his website:

~The woman with the gorgeous scarf she just bought in Laos and can only buy a little bit of lettuce because she leaves this week for London.

~The elderly gentleman who wanted to tell me he has many friends who do hydroponic gardening and did I know anything about this new way of farming.

~The group of seventh grade students from a near by high school who arrived like locusts: loud, frenetic, and wiry and truly lovely to watch; early adolescents at its finest. 

~The mother from Brazil visiting her successful doctor daughter.

~The young vendor near me who works part time, goes to school full time, and juggles life's struggles as a beautiful woman in her twenties. 

~Several local chefs

~Lots of East Boston residents

~Friends from my home town

~Babies and babies and more adorable babies.

It’s a fun place to be.