What a Wonderful Journey

There’s a saying that I believe most people have heard and hopefully most people follow: Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride.

And that’s what Shawn and I have been doing at the Boston Public Market for the last three plus years. We set up our Corner Stalk Farm stall when the Market opened in July 2015. And now with a bitter/sweet decision we are stepping away and closing the doors of the retail operation. We were among the first tenants at BPM. We helped forge the way opening the doors to a newly constructed building space and moving in at the same time with 37 other vendors. Hectic, exhausting, and exhilarating can describe the initial start. Along with the numerous discussions related to heat and air conditioning, loading dock schedule, BPM who’s who, opening and closing hours, ordering for the Christmas rush, weekly and monthly vendor meetings, and the endless talk of should there be more seating came the exciting part of getting to know so many terrific owners, their enthusiastic employees, and multitude of amazing customers.

BPM greenway.jpg

Along with establishing our place at the Market, I had to step way outside my comfort zone and learn a whole new skill set related to business. Being a retail shop owner has given me a much broader and humbled appreciation for the small business industry. It’s hard work!

But Corner Stalk Farm is not going away. It’s time to pursue the next phase of the business plan and that is to concentrate on expanding the wholesale side of Corner Stalk Farm. We have connected with extraordinary chefs at some of Boston’s finest restaurants. Their validations have allowed us to take this next step.

It has been so very exciting to be part of this innovative venture, establishing a retail operation at the Boston Public Market. I am quite proud to be a ‘founding member.’ Hmmm, does that give me a lifetime vendor discount?

Yes, it’s been a wonderful journey. And with all the ups and downs, accomplishments and headaches, we have enjoyed the ride.

Where will the road take us next?

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