Today is Flag Day, June 14. Not much of an official holiday but still, our flag has meaning and significance as a symbol of freedom. The customer who gave me a story this week stopped by Corner Stalk Farm and chatted with me for a while. He was an older gentleman and was wearing a cap stating "Veterans for Peace."

He asked me lots of questions about my farm. We exchanged pleasantries. And as he was about to leave I told him I liked his hat. He slowly pointed to it, and quietly commented, "Too many wars, too many wars." He didn't buy anything, but he did leave me a deep sense of peace. It was worth much more than a purchase of a package of lettuce.

Given that today is Flag Day and thinking about the recent acts of hate in Orlando against the LGBT community, it's appropriate to think about how our actions reflect peace. I'm thankful this man stopped by my shop to share with me a bit of his story-even if for just a moment-leaving behind a message of peace.

Some stories are about customers, and some stories are about people who have sought out Corner Stalk Farm. The usual visitors are those who are interested in farming, thinking of starting a business, or want to visit our farm. But this past week we had an inquiry from the Dance Captain on the Selena Gomez Revival world tour. Selena Gomez was performing at the TD Garden. Liana is the dance captain for the show. Intrigued, I agreed to have her stop by our shop at the Boston Public Market.

Liana is delightful, enthusiastic, and enlightened. As she explained to me, she is video blogging a different healthy, organic, innovative food spot in each of the cities she visits while on tour. Her first episode was filmed in Las Vegas. She explained that being on the road takes a toll on the performers. Their schedule is hectic and their performances are arduous. As a result, daily diet for the dancers often suffers. Liana has set out to change that through her Daily Dance Diet. Although there is lots of information designed for dancers on how to eat right, Liana has chosen to discover new places that highlight clean eating. Places that are accessible to the troupe. With her gorgeous cameraman/dancer/friend, Rodney, in tow, Liana interviewed me at the Market and took the time to visit Shawn at the farm. I think we presented a unique window into a fascinating way to grow fresh produce. Maybe my lettuce will get up and start dancing.

I am honored that she choose Corner Stalk Farm for her Boston episode. And I'm looking forward to seeing the blog about Corner Stalk Farm on line. Check out her site.

Hmmm, didn't get any tickets for the show....
I've come to realize that I'm not a natural born farmer. A gardener perhaps but not a farmer. This year's tomato plants are in and my flower garden is starting to bloom nicely. I'm not even an authentic foodie. Although, I do enjoy discovering new restaurants, and I'll eat at anyone's house who invites me. Shawn is the farmer and he is the foodie He's always picking up a new item at the store. And those that know Shawn know he's  a very good cook. Lucky me!

But what I do genuinely love is meeting people at the Boston Public Market. And I love discovering their stories. Everyone has a story. First conversations reveal the cover: name, where they live, perhaps occupation. But open the book and there's many fascinating stories. I hear stories about their families. I love hearing about travel adventures. And often there are stories about being in the kitchen and an old family recipe or a newly discovered meal. I share about my family and my hometown of Marblehead and my Corner Stalk Farm home of East Boston.

Corner Stalk Farm has many loyal customers. And we are truly grateful. They like our lettuce, and they get their Lettuce Lovers Card punched with each purchase, and we ask them to join our family of CSF.

Tom often comes and shares his stories but he also shares his books with us. All delightful, exotic food books. Not just cookbooks, food books. The one I have now is The Singapore Heritage Cookbook: Past, Present, Future. Certainly there are dazzling recipes. Shawn pours through the book to figure out what he may try cooking. But I love the photographs. I get lost in the color and design. The images capture my delights.  When I return this to Tom, I know he'll bring us another. And he'll tell me a little bit more of his story. Thank you, Tom.

I will be telling you more stories.

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