Corner Stalk Farm offers Boston area consumers fresh, locally grown leafy greens all year round. We grow our produce in recycled shipping containers which creates an extremely energy and water efficient environment. A year round growing season and dense planting allows maximum productivity from a dense urban footprint. 

How It Works


Controlled Environment


We specialize in using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). LED lighting, temperature control and automatic water flow within insulated shipping containers creates the ideal environment that leafy greens need.  A year round growing season and dense planting allow maximum productivity from a dense urban footprint in East Boston. When there's a blizzard or heat wave, we're still harvesting delicious leafy greens.


Vertical Hydroponic Farming


Hydroponics is a soil-less growing method that allows the cultivation of plants using recirculated water with optimum nutrient inputs.  Compared to the harmful chemical and grey water runoff created by industrial farming and urban pollution, we have no runoff and use no pesticides or harmful chemicals. To top it off, we leverage vertical growing technology to grow 20 plants per square foot of farm space per month.


Heirloom Lettuces


We grow more than twenty varieties of lettuces chosen for color, texture, and taste. Freshly harvested, our locally grown lettuces are packaged as a mix for Boston area consumers. Additionally, Corner Stalk Farm grows a variety of herbs and other leafy greens including: basil, arugula, swiss chard, kale, mint, and mustard greens.




Black Hawk 



Cherokee Crisp 

Galactic Red 

Garrison Red Oakleaf 

Livigna Lollo



Rex Bibb

Rhazes Bibb


Salanova Green Butter 

Salanova Green Oakleaf

Salanova Red Butter 

Salanova Red Oakleaf 

Salanova Sweet

Sulu Green Oakleaf